Mobitel Communication Industries Ltd

Mobitel Communication Industries Ltd,

Designing, Developing and Consulting of Analog, Digital, RF, Industrial Control, Marine and Aeronautic Navigation Control and Solar Energy Systems.

Mobitel is a company with vast experience in designing developing and manufacturing sophisticated low-cost telecommunication solutions, Industrial, scientific and medical control systems, and embedded Micro-Controller systems with outstanding experienced technical team.

We would like to offer our services in the following fields:

 Marine control, Autonomous boat control, Unmanned control, Surface vessel control, USV control, Marine Command control, Navigation control

Marine Control

• Autonomous\Unmanned Surface
  Vehicle(USV) Navigation Control
• Marine Command & Control Systems
• Navigation Control
• Wireless Marine Control

Aeronautic Command & Control

• Autonomous\Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  (UAV) Flight Control
• Tests and analysis
• Models Construction of Structures,
  Vehicles, Antennas
   Autonomous air control, Unmanned Aerial control, Flight Control, auto landing control, auto takeoff control

 Industrial control, PLC programming, Temperature Measurement , temperature control, Angle measurement, Servo control, Amplifiers development,Laser control, PMT control, Sensor development

Industrial Control Systems

• Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
• RF linking of PLCs
• Temperature Measurement and
• Angle Measurement
• Servo Amplifiers
• Sensors Development
• Laser and PMT Control

Medical & Scientific Equipment

• Temperature Measurement
• Remote Heart beat and respiration
• Medical Equipment Control
• Ophthalmology Equipment Control
• Laser and PMT Control
   Medical control, Scientific control, Heart beat measurment, respiration measurment, Ophthalmology contrlol

OS and Embedded Linux Consulting, BSP, Linux friendly design

Operating Systems

• Linux friendly board design.
• Embedded Linux.
• Linux board bringup.
• Linux device drivers.
• Kernel developement for systems
   unable to run Linux.

Solar Energy control:

• Solar Electric Control.
• Solar Heat Control.
• Solar Tracking control.
    Solar energy control,sun tracking control

 Automatic Testing Equipment development development, Power Supplies Switching development, Low power supply development

Automatic Testing Equipment (ATE)

• Automatic Testing Equipment
• For Electronic Systems Devices and

Power Supplies
• Switching Power Supplies
• Ultra Low power battery operated
   switching power supplies

RFID Solutions

•  Solutions for all RFID types &
•  Long and short range RFID
•  Active and Passive RFID Tags  
•  Client Adaptable Management Software
   פתרונות RFID, תגים פסיבים, אקטיבים, תונות ניהול

• Receivers, Transmitters and
   Transceivers in HF, VHF, UHF and
   ISM bands
• Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
• Integrated wire\wireless systems for
    analog and data communication
• Wireless Modems
• Antennas

Electronic Circuit

• Analog Circuits
• Digital Circuits
• Embedded Micro Controller
• RF HF VHF UHF Circuits
• Low Noise Amplifiers

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