Mobitel Communication Industries Ltd Electronic and RF Circuit Development

 Mobitel Communication Industries Ltd,

 Development of Industrial Control Systems

  Designing, Developing, Producing  and Consulting of Industrial Control Systems.

is a company with vast experience in designing developing and implementing Industrial
  Control Systems
  Mobitel is specialized in the development of generic and customer adapted Industrial
  Control Systems

  Mobitel is an expert in the development of  industrial,  scientific and medical Custom
   made Sensors.

  We would like to offer our services in the following fields:
 Industrial Control Systems
 • Production Processes Control
 • Conveyer Automation and Distribution

 • Automated Storing Control
 • Motion Control
 • Agriculture Systems Control
 • Chemical & pharmaceutical Processes
• Water Management Control
• Solar Energy control
• Smart Building Control
• PLC based Solutions

בקרה תעשייתית

פיתוח מעגלים דיגיטלים, פיתוח מעגלים אנלוגים, פיתוח מיקרוקונטרולר, פיתוח רדיו, פיתוח RF, פיתוח תקשורת אלחוטית, פיתוח תקשורת דיגיטלית, גלאים תעשייתים, גלאים מדעים, גלאים רפואים, יעוץ לווי פרויקט, יעוץ לוועדת היגוי,מעקב פרויקט

 Wireless Control Systems

• Wireless Industrial Control Systems

• Wireless Connectivity between Sub Control

• Worldwide Wireless \ Internet Connectivity
• Wireless Control Sensores
• Wireless Control Actuators

Production Proccesses Control, 
Conveyer AutomationDistribution ControlAutomated StoringMotion ControlAgriculture Systems Control, Chemical Proccesses Control, Water Management Control, Solar Energy control, Smart Building Control, PLC based Solutions, Wireless Industrial Control, Wireless Connectivity, Sub Control Systems,
Wireless Control Sensores, Wireless Control Actuators.


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